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Must Have- Tasting Room Wine Tasting Kit |
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Must Have- Tasting Room Wine Tasting Kit

A few weeks ago I saw a post on The Frisky about a Wine Tasting Kit from www.TastingRoom.com. You sign up for less than $10 and they send you 6 mini bottles of wine (red, white, or combination of both). The minute I read about this company my taste buds perked up, my mouth started watering, and my hand went directly for my credit card! A few days later my my tasting kit arrived!

Last night…My boyfriend and I did the Tasting…and it was amazing!

Wine Tasting


Brooke & Jim’s Wine Ratings Cheat Sheet

  1. I wouldnt drink this if it was the last bottle of wine on the earth¦who am I kidding if it was the last bottle I would absolutely drink it.
  2. I would drink it if it was the only option and it was free¦or the wine I would drink and LOVE if I was blackout drunk.
  3. I would pay house or happy hour prices for it.
  4. DAMN Thats good! Id buy a glass¦maybe even the bottle
  5. WINETASTIC! One bottle for me and another for you!


This is our wine tasting journey…

Wine 1-  Axium

Sauvignon Blanc



Jim- Did you smell it?

Me- yea¦what do you smell?

Jim- Wine.

Me- Me too. But it tastes delicious! I dont normally like white wines but I love this one! I want to drink this one outside on patio

Jim- Its fruity. Tangy. I might even buy a glass

Brooke’s Rating-4

Jim’s Rating-3

Wine 2- Finial




Me- Kind of buttery. I like this.

Jim- Very Light.

Me- BRrrdddaaaaditititti The noise I made when Jim tried to take my glass before I finished my tasting! Obviously I like it enough to squeal when it is being taken away so I say 4! I want to drink this one in the summer but inside in air conditioning.

Brookes Rating-4

Jims Rating- 3

Wine 3-Voila

Pinot Noir



Me- I love this too!

Jim- (with judging eyes) Do you? I mean I would drink it¦but(few seconds pass) should I turn the oven on to reheat the pizza? We ordered pizza but had to finish the wine tasting before we ate¦obviously pizza was more important than this particular wine for Jim

Me- I like it. I would buy it¦but it doesnt knock my socks off

Brookes Rating-3

Jims Rating-2

Wine 4 Nebbiolo de Alba

No Clue



Brooke- this bottle is difficult…I mean the label. Still dont know what kind of wine it is.

Jim- I dont either. Swirl it

Brooke- It smells really good. Doesnt tickle your nose hairs. Its Subtle. Same with the taste. I like. 4 For Sure! Maybe even a 4.5

Jim-Smells good..(sips once more dramatically) Its like the grapes are springing off of my tongue! (insert my eye roll here) I would buy it. So Im gonna give it a 4

Brookes Rating- 4.25

Jims Rating- 4

Wine 5- Mystery wine…there are a lot of jumbled letters.



Brooke-Its got kind of a dry finish. You know the (does the tongue against the roof of your mouth motion)¦Love the taste but not the aftermath. 3.7¦ I wanna give it a 4 so bad but I cant. I wouldnt buy it BUT if you brought a bottle home I would drink it!

Jim- Smells so good. I like it. That’s…ahhh…really good.

Brooke’s Rating- 3.7

Jim’s Rating- 4

Wine 6- Fortuna

Cabernet Sauvignon


Pasa Robles

Me- Full of flavor…and it kind of tastes like bacon.

Jim- ??

Me- I mean its got that meaty fatty..like do the thing where you make your taste go to your nose (I demonstrate what I mean)

Jim- Oh yea! I see what you mean.

Me-Really really good. This is tough.

Brookes Rating-4.5

Jims Rating-4 

 Wine Kit

During the Tasting you log into your TastingRoom.com account and fill out which wines you like…from there they create a Profile for you.

No surprise here…I am a Philosopher!


Lessons Learned

Never knew you were supposed to swirl with it on the table not in the air.

Neither one of us have good noses. We couldnt detect anything but the Wine smell during the sniff part.

Most surprised by the first wine. I know I like Chardonnay when I drink white. I dont normally like Sauvignon Blanc because they are tart. But this was so good.

Not only is this Tasting Kit fun, its also a great date night activity.

At the end of the day, if it’s wine and it comes in a STEM glass I will drink anything (my rules change if it is in a stemless glass or any other container).



ALSO- After you finish your profile make sure you check out the “NEXT SHIPMENT”! They will send you 6 bottles of wine and charge your card on file $59.99. I am going to get my first shipment, but if you don’t want the shipment you do have cancel. Just don’t want you to be surprised when you sign up.


Well let's see, Don't think I could live without Bacon, BritneySpears, Hair Extensions, Hallmark,& Ketchup. OH & wine. So I usually post about those things