My Christmas Card

Yesterday I saw the release of the Kardashian Christmas Card

Photo Credit: Nick Saglimbeni

The release of the Honey Boo Boo Christmas Card (this made my day)

Photo Credit: Glamour Shots in a Mall Somewhere in Georgia (ok not really but that’s what I imagine)

BONUS NEWS! The Honey Boo Boo Christmas Special will air February 17th! I have a reminder set in my phone.

Since I don’t have my own family or a boyfriend, putting together a Christmas card isn’t a priority. I mean seriously if I sent a pic of me and my cat with “Merry Cats-mas! XOXO, Brooke & Max” I would end up on Awkward Family Photos. I don’t need that.

This morning when I opened my work email account, I had an email from a guy named Joe with an attachment.

The email said…

Subject: Here’s a holiday card for you and your crush aka Matt ..

Listen on the way to work in the mornings and have heard you talk about your crush on Matt so I thought I’d make a nice holiday card for the two of you!

Happy Holidays!!



I opened the attachment…and this is the gloriousness that I found!

Needless to say, I’m smiling from ear to ear! And not so secretly, I’m imagining that it isn’t photo shopped and that Matt and I are sending OUR Christmas card to friends and family.


I love that I have people in my life (some that I’ve never even met) that indulge my fantasy world. HA!

Reluctantly Back to reality, hopefully next year there will be some sort of card sent out, but until then this is my official 2012 Christmas Card.

BONUS Card! This is by far the best Christmas Card I’ve ever sent out (circa 2004)

There was a border and the caption “Get Crunk For Christmas” (yes it was around the time Lil Jon was popular…and yes I have a gold tooth)

Happy HollaDays!

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