My Grandma is Hotter Than Yours…and other Friday happenings

Well…it’s official.

My Grandma is hotter than yours. And she is hotter than me. My mom sent me this picture of Grandma’s new outfit yesterday and all I could think was, “Who is your stylist G-ma because I want to hire them?”

Red leather jacket, jeans tucked into riding boots, and a little bit of SASS! Yes ma’am! Get it Grandma.

In other Friday happenings…

I’ve Cava-ed Cava! 

Last week I went to Cava TWICE for lunch. $28 later I decided to try to do it on my own. Guess what? SUCCESS!!!! I’m not saying that salad maker is a job title in my future but I did create quite the delicious treat.

I chopped up the lettuce, marinated the onions the night before, made a cucumber/tomato/onion mix (dice them up add lemon and olive oil, put it in a mason jar and let it sit over night), Bought the falafel, hummus, tzatziki, and even the Cava brand Harissa (they carry it at Whole Foods in Tenley Town), added some Feta cheese, and VIOLA! Good to go and I’ll be able to make 6 or 7 more salads with my ingredients!


You know how most girls send really sexy selfies to their boyfriends…maybe it’s cleavage, or the thong over the shoulder in the mirror Kim Kardashian pose, or the pouty lips? Well not me. Last night my boyfriend had to do an overnight shift at work so I surprised him with a selfie…and this is what it looked like.

Hot…I know.

And last but not least…

WE FOUND OUT A LITTLE BIT MORE ON THE GWYNETH PALTROW/VANITY FAIR DRAMA! She cheated with some Miami Billionaire named Jeff Soffer. I mean look…if you are going to cheat, cheat with a billionaire…and a relatively attractive one.

Can’t wait until the article comes out!

Let’s end with a song shall we? 


This song has been in my head all day and now it’s in yours!

Happy Friday!!!


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