My Secret To Painting Nails

I want to start by saying…OBVIOUSLY I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL. So do not expect professional quality after applying my method of nail painting.

Do expect a quality that will “get by” until you have the time (and or money) to actually get your nails done.

With that being said…Here is my secret to painting nails



1. Pick a Color and then pick a glitter color that either matches or compliments your base color.

2. Paint your base color. Do another coat. Then apply a Clear Top Coat(Mine in this photo is a pink)

3. Let your base dry. The goal is to not apply the glitter, however if you are like me, you will not allow the base color to dry therefore smudging at least 3 of your nails.

You could at this point redo the 3 messed up nails, but lets be honest, you are going to mess them up again…you will have to pee, Facebook will be in desperate need of checking, you will have to put something away and nick one of the 3 nails that were redone.

So instead of redoing your nails…do what I do.

4. Really let your nails set, BUT go about your business.  Some are already messed up, and you may end up messing up others, but do your best to let them dry for another 30min.


6. Apply glitter polish on all nails so that your smudged nails are hidden.

Think of Glitter Polish as the Concealer of Nail Products. It will hide mistakes!

7. Let your Glitter Dry for a bit…and VIOLA! You are ready to proudly hold a martini in your hand with  your pinky lifted!

You are welcome!

I’d love to hear your nail tips and tricks! Feel free to comment below.


  • Hi Brooke! I like your manicure. I’m actually a nail blogger and i’ve been painting my own nails for over 20 years now. Here are my tips to a great at home glitter manicure:

    1. Be sure your nails are clean from any oils or lotions, a simple swipe of remover will do the trick.
    2. Start with a base coat. I prefer Duri Rejuvacote but any will do. This step will prevent staining and give your polish something to stick to. Apply a thin coat and wait 1-2 minutes.
    3. Grab your base color. If you shook it, wait about 10 minutes for it to settle or you will get bubbles. Apply the polish in thin even layers waiting about 1-2 minutes between coats. Let dry for 5 minutes.
    4. Get your glitter topper. Apply 1-2 coats until you’re satisfied and wait 1-2 minutes.
    5. Seal it all together with a top coat. I prefer fast drying top coats, Seche Vite is very popular it dries fast and gives a very shiny gel like finish.
    6. Allow your nails to set and dry for at least 10 minutes. During this time you can clean up any mistakes with a thin brush or qtip soaked in polish remover. Afterwards be sure to apply cuticle oil.

    If you’re interested in seeing my work please check out my blog:

  • Brooke Ryan

    Thank you so much for the tips! I am heading to your blog right now =)