My Thoughts…and Max’s Faces…On The Dr. Phil/Anthony’s Interview

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Yesterday I (like many) was suckered into the Dr. Phil Show where he interviewed George and Cindy Anthony (Casey Anthony’s parents). I’ve been addicted to the Casey/Caylee Anthony story since the beautiful little girl went missing in 2008 and followed the trial daily.  During the interview Cindy Anthony revealed that Casey had some medical issues and those issues may have been the reason she acted the way she did when her daughter was missing. For the FIRST TIME we’re hearing that Casey suffered from seizures and that she may have “blacked out” the day Caylee died. Cindy even suggested that brain tumors could’ve caused her behavior too… Really? That’s what caused the lack of concern, lying to police, stealing peoples money, tattoo’s that say “La Bella Vita”, Hot Body Contests, etc.

I’m not going to say anything, I would just like to point out the expression that my cat Max had while watching the show with me…

Max doesn't believe Cindy Anthony either! #seizures??? #... on Twitpic 

Pretty sure he’s not believing it either.  Can’t wait to see what happens on the second part of the interview today…Max is pretty excited too. (Crazy Cat Woman I know…)

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