My Thoughts On The Capitol


* It wasn’t like School House Rock, that’s for sure! I didn’t see the cartoon Bill sitting on Capitol Hill.

* I have a problem spelling Capitol. My first introduction to the word was via my credit card with CapitAl One. One day I’ll pay it off and the Country’s Capitol  will become the only Capitol in my life (probably not going to happen. I pay it off, then ring it up!)

* Walking through security is NOT like a TSA pat down or photo shoot (if you choose to walk through the check out my body metal detectors). On a side note, carrying The Hills Season 2 DVD in your purse makes you look immature. Making excuses for having The Hills Season 2 DVD in your purse gets you this reaction, “Riiiigggghhhhtt”. (I sold it on Amazon and had to send it to the purchaser…I swear. It’s not my DVD baby)

* The inside of the Russell Building is quite possibly one of the most beautiful interiors I’ve ever seen. The marble staircases are breath taking.
* For all the controversial, over the top, matter of fact statements I’ve heard Senator DeMint say, he was very quiet when we met. It was like the Ashlee Simpson meet & greet I went to in Nashville years ago: Don’t talk to her, take your picture, and move along.

Why are there so many empty desks/seats? Where were the rest of the Senators? Lunch break? Happy Hour?
And the Poor Senator that was at the podium talking to an empty room for what seemed like forever…I want to give him a  hug and say, “I was listening….kind of…for a min…”
Do the Stenographers fingers hurt? That man talks a lot.

Who is the man that sits behind the big desk on the platform in front of the flag? He must be important.

WHY DOESN’T ANYONE PAY ATTENTION TO THE MAN STILL SPEAKING? Are they updating Twitter/Facebook?  “Boring day at the office, @senator_____ wont stop talking! Wrap it up @Senator_____.”

Well let's see, Don't think I could live without Bacon, BritneySpears, Hair Extensions, Hallmark,& Ketchup. OH & wine. So I usually post about those things