My Very Own Mani Cam!

Mani Cam Nails
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Most people watch the Grammy’s and get inspired by the  Red Carpet Looks, Performances, Hair Styles, Make Up Trends…nope!! Not me. I was inspired by none other than E!’s Red Carpet Mani Cam. So I made my own. And let me just say, if there was an award for BEST Mani Cam Appearance, I should win.

As for my favorites of the night-

Favorite Red Carpet Look

Favorite Performance

This may shock you…but my favorite was Bruno Mars, Sting, & Rihanna’s tribute to Bob Marley!

Look I almost fell out of my bed when Justin Timberlake was performing. I may or may not have needed a change of clothing after the performance. I might have had my phone dialed to 911 (no I didn’t hit send) JUST IN CASE I didn’t make it through the entire song without my heart beating out of my chest…so DON’T THINK I DIDN’T LOVE MY MAN’S SHOW…I just really enjoyed Bruno and thought he should get a little attention.