My Week On The Bert Show

I spent all of last week filling in for Kristin on The Bert Show in Atlanta.

After being there for 7 days, I just have to say, it is by far one of the best morning shows out there.

On the air, it’s entertainment at its best. From pop culture stories to the sick rap skills of one DJ Willie T to dealing with serious issues like asking your parents to go to the doctor because they are getting older. They cover it all.

YES there is sex talk.

YES there is the occasional hangover and necessary IV from Hydration Station because Bert’s wife, Stacey, enjoys red wine and showing people a good time (aka me).

BUT there is also a Father that comes in to help with coping with the death of a best friend and concerns of being a parent.

It’s a little bit of something for everyone.

Off the air, it is an incredibly well oiled machine. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed anything like it in any work place. Cassie (the social media director) is already Tweeting and Facebooking before the topic is over, before the print button has been hit an intern is running to the printer to grab the papers, the phones are screened by Marisa who makes sure only the best calls get on the air, the audio is constantly updated by Natalie, Tommy is a BEAST when it comes to making the show run on time and keeps all the elements going, and Tracey keeps everything running off the air. Then there is Stacey, she handles all things Bert’s Big Adventure and a lot of the business end of things. And last but not least, Bert is one of the best conductors, filters, and talents I have had the pleasure to be around.

IT’S INCREDIBLE! Being there for one week, I learned so much and was so inspired. This show and the Q100 building are what radio dreams are made of.

You may be thinking, Wow Brooke that’s a lot of ass kissing in one blog. Maybe it is….but it’s my way of giving credit where credit is due.

It was everything I needed to see and be apart of. I’m not going to get into the details of the past few years, but if you are a friend of mine or ever sat next to me at a bar after 3 glasses of wine, you probably got the story.

It was what I like to consider a “test”. Is this really what I wanted to do? What was I willing to put up with in order to pursue this dream? Could I handle the pressure and the egos? Did I want to handle the pressures that go along with Major Markets? I did…and I stuck it out, it was really really tough at times, but I’m so glad I did.

I felt home last week.

Not necessarily in Atlanta, not necessarily on The Bert Show (although they totally made me feel welcome and like family), I just mean in that chair…in the chair on a morning show with people that care about what they do, that respect each others opinions even when they differ, that want the other members of the show to succeed because that means the show succeeds, that are talented and want to do more to entertain the people listening to the show.

I was in that chair…and it felt really really good.

So a big thank you to Bert, Jeff, Tommy, Cassie, Tracey, Stacey, Marisa, Natalie, & Kristin and everyone that loved or hated me while listening. You all got me back to that place and there aren’t enough thank you cards in the world to let you know how much this week meant to me. *But there are Thank You cards in the mail so look out for those*

Click Here to check out MC B-Sass & DJ Willie T’s Rap Collaboration

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  • Morgan Jennifer Smith

    Enjoyed listening to you on 95SX – it’s been too long! Are you still on the Jack Diamond show in DC?

  • Brooke Ryan

    No I’m on in the afternoon with Marco =)

  • Nicole J

    Atlanta listener! Really enjoyed ths MC B-Sass N*Sync rap!!