New Product Alert: It’s Lash-Tastic!

My New Favorite Product!

While some people like the more “natural” look…Bleh! I LOVE A LOT OF MASCARA! Some people call it Taranchula Eye…I prefer Drag Queen Lashes. 

In order to achieve the Over The Top Lash look, I’ve tried it all. DIY eyelashes, eyelash extensions at the salon, the magic potion that is supposed to lengthen your eyelashes, and numerous mascaras! And then…my mom introduced me to my new favorite product…

Ready To Wear Lash Extensions

She discovered it on HSN (yep..that’s where I get my As Seen On TV addiction from. Thanks Mom!) Tried it out. Loved it. And so she got one for me too!

Basically you put your mascara on then apply Ready To Wear, then put another coat of mascara on top of it to make the mini fibers stay on your lashes. It thickens, extends,  and make your lashes look glamorous! Get Ready To Wear Lashes Here

The best part??? You can repeat as many times as you like to get the look you want!

Above-Lashes with only Mascara. Below- Lashes with Ready To Wear

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