Not The Notebook But Still Pretty Fabulous

It’s not a love story like The Notebook or a relationship that ran its course, it was just a few days with a man I will probably never see again…

Every year Mix 107.3 hosts a New Years Eve Party at the Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill. They offer a special rate for the night before or after (if you are going to the party) so I decided to take advantage of it and stay an extra night in the hotel (Side note- I love staying at hotels!). The Redskins were playing so I decided to make my way down to the hotel bar and watch the game. After ordering my drink, the bartender introduced me to the handsome man sitting 2 seats down from me. Thank you Bartender! We watched the game, enjoyed a few beers, talked about life. It was really really nice. I told him the reason I was staying at the hotel was because of the party and he said he would try to stop by after he was done with his party. We ended up hanging out until about 2am and then went our separate ways. No numbers were exchanged but I had a feeling I would be seeing him again…and I liked the thought of that.

The next day my BFF, Allison, came into town to be my date to the New Years Eve Party. I told her all about “Switzerland” while enjoying Prosecco and Brussel Sprouts at Graffiato. (yep all the men I meet get a nickname…if we’ve hung out…you probably have one too!) After gossiping, eating, and shopping we made our way to the Party. It was fabulous, but a little devastating considering I didn’t have a New Years Kiss (first time since I was 14 years old). The ball dropped and I was manless. Luckily my co-worker Aly came over and kissed me after she kissed her boyfriend. Thanks Boo! At about 12:45, I looked up…and sure enough…Switz comes walking through the door. I was WAY TOO excited to see him. Partly because I did want to see him again, partly because I would get my first real kiss of 2013, and partly because I was a little drunk.  We hung out the rest of the night. Great way to ring in the new year.

This time we did exchange information and decided to meet up again for dinner before he left the good ole U S of A and headed back home. Again…another fabulous night. In the cab, on the way home from our date, I text Al with an update.

At this point you might be wondering why I’m even telling you about this guy…Well here it goes,

This year I want more in the relationship department. I’m not saying I want a boyfriend for the sake of a boyfriend…I just want to stop sabotaging every situation I get involved with because I don’t want to get hurt or don’t have time to deal with them (yep that includes no more sneaking out).

Switzerland was the perfect transition into this new outlook on relationships. Subconsciously, I probably allowed myself to connect with him because I knew he was leaving…however once we did connect, I was reminded how great it can be.

As I said before, this (more than likely) won’t end up being some over the top romantic love story where we end up running off into the sunset together with lots of chocolates and cheese, BUT I will always think of my time with him fondly and be grateful for bringing out the softer side of me…it’s been locked up for a long time.

Wishing You Lots of Love in the New Year!

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  • Princesskisses06

    I love hearing this….this is exactly what I’m going through now.

  • Thank you @c74c434334470dc6de64fdfcc652cac9:disqus I’m glad you are on the upswing as well!