October 4th-Thanks for reminding me Facebook Memories

Who knew this day was such a significant day in my life?

As I was scrolling through Facebook Memories I saw the normal things that trigger the brain to go “aweeeeee that was fun”. Nothing Earth shattering or remarkable but still beautiful stepping stones of my life.

5 years ago I took a picture of the Vol Navy which means I obviously went to a Tennessee game (aweeeee), I was getting into shenanigans with Joe Quinn (aweeeee), I was participating in DC Wine Week (shocker), and It was a full moon…also I was into Twilight at the time.

Then two memories popped up that were definitely significant in my life.

The first- getting my license back! It was revoked because I had too many tickets while driving to Charleston from DC. I was over the amount of points you are allowed. Click here to read more about it.

Honestly it was ridiculous. I had 2 speeding tickets, on the interstate, in Virginia, and they gave me RECKLESS DRIVING tickets. The state of Virginia recognized that it was silly and issued an amendment. I was able to get my license back without taking a test or paying a reinstatement fee. HOORAY! But those few months without a license were rough!

But the picture that brought up a bunch of emotions…a bunch…was this one. 

It was taken on the back deck of my In Laws home in Memphis, Tennessee. For the families that couldn’t make it to California for our wedding a few months earlier that year, we had a reception in Memphis as well.

At the time, Jim and I were living a long distance marriage. He was stationed in DC and I had moved to Charleston to reunite with Tanya and Mike for the 2 Girls and a Guy morning show.

I went to the airport…eager to be reunited with my husband, excited to celebrate our marriage with my new family members, and ready to enjoy some BBQ Spaghetti from Interstate BBQ. Little did I know this trip would be one I would never forget.

It is hopefully the closest to a NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE I will ever have. I could write about it but it wouldn’t match the same emotion I had the Monday I had after the flight. I opened up about it on the show that morning. I listened to it this morning as I was writing this blog and was brought to tears.

October 4, 2014 made me think. I had to purge the pettiness…the frustration of a flight being delayed, a silly argument I’m sure Jim and I had in the days leading up to the flight, all the nonsense in life that doesn’t really matter. In those very scary moments I took time to appreciate the people I’m surrounded by, the moments (past, present, and future), and just appreciate life.

Listen to the story on the soundcloud link.

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