One Moment In Time

This morning my heart is SOARING for Phillip Phillips.

Partly because he was my pick this year…I mean come on, he’s got it all. He’s dreamy, has a smile that could make the Grinch’s heart grow 3 sizes bigger, and his voice is incredible. I’ve already downloaded 2 of his songs and would absolutely buy tickets to any of his shows.

The other part has nothing to do with Phil. It has to do with anyone who has a dream. As a person in the entertainment industry (and I know this can apply to any profession), you are always hoping for that “One Moment In Time” (yep that’s a Whitney Houston reference), when you are more than you thought you could be. As an actor it could be getting the part of a lifetime or winning an Oscar. As a singer it could be a hit single or working with your idol. As a broadcaster it could be a breakthrough interview with someone you never expected to have the chance to sit down and talk to. It’s the moment that YOU KNOW! You know you made it. You know you accomplished your goal. You know everything you’ve worked so hard for, all of the countless hours you put into it, all of the dreams and prayers, become a reality.

Most of the time the time we are too busy to notice the BIG MOMENT until we reflect back on our career or don’t have a big enough milestone (I.E. winning an Oscar) to make us realize this is it!

But  when that confetti drops, the other contestants come running out to hug you, and Ryan Seacrest says, “YOU ARE THE AMERICAN IDOL”, you know…This is your moment. And watching Phillip Phillips perform “Home” last night after announcing the win, you could tell that’s exactly how he felt. At first I thought, Wow! You really are laid back and don’t care…then half way through the song he lost it…started crying, put down his guitar, and went to hug his family. I think the first half of the song was performed while still in a state of shock.

I had tears in my eyes, chills all over my body, and couldn’t have been more excited for Phillip and everyone else that has had (or is still dreaming and working towards) their moment.

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