Out Of The Hood-My Walk To Bethesda

A few weeks ago I started my morning the way all Washingtonian’s will at some point. I walked to my car and noticed that my side mirror had been taken off! LUCKILY there was a note. After a game of phone tag with Holly (the woman that hit my car) we got it all worked out and I was able to take my car in to get it fixed. I dropped it off at the Volkswagen in Bethesda and Aly was nice enough to follow me and give me a ride back to my place. I got the call saying my car was ready and opted to get my work out on and walk/jog the 3 miles to Butler Road.

Things I realized on my journey…

* There really are good people out there. She didn’t have to leave a note when she knocked my mirror off. She also didn’t have to make it such an easy process getting my car fixed. I was so grateful that I sent her a Thank You Card (WHO SENDS A THANK YOU CARD TO A PERSON THAT HIT THEIR CAR? me)

* I’m SO ready for the weather to stay gorgeous! No more flip flopping Mother Nature. I want at least 65 degrees and above from now on!

* I really need to work on my savings account. If it wasn’t for this lady being so cooporative, I wouldn’t have a mirror right now. Time to get it together.

* There is a BEAUTIFUL park with a creek…or BROOK if you will =) in Montgomery County. Willard Park…if you haven’t been there? I suggest it! I think I may go on a picnic there today. It’s so pretty and is a nice escape from the city (but conveniently located).

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