Perfect Getaway-Deep Creek Lake

I love living in the city! DC is awesome and there is ALWAYS something to do…but sometimes I just need to take a break. This weekend I found the perfect little getaway, Deep Creek Lake. ROAD TRIP!

We loaded up the car with all the essentials- Booze, a Karaoke Machine, Costumes, Apples to Apples (and it’s evil counterpart Cards Against Humanity), and hopped on the road!

On the road-Will in the bonnet, Joe with the Corn Nuts, Jim being serious as always, and me with Cheetah Glasses

We arrived at Grand View! It took my breath away!

Grand View is a GORGEOUS 7 bedroom 5 bathroom house right on the lake with a foosball table, pool table, HOT TUB, and a HUGE BEAR!

If you are looking for a place to bring your friends, your family, have a wedding, reunion, bachelor/bachelorette party, etc…Deep Creek is the PERFECT place to do it! If you want to see beautiful waterfalls, you can do it at Deep Creek! If you want to meet the guy whose dad invented the Big Mac, you can do it at Deep Creek *Yep! The owner of the Honi Honi Bar is the son of the creator of one of the most amazing burgers EVER! *At least that’s what Jeremy told me…and I believe him!* If you want to relax and play games with your pals while enjoying a glass of wine, you can do it at Deep Creek!

If you can’t tell, I’m a fan! Definitely going back soon!

*Oh and fun fact- it’s a man made lake! WAY TO GO MEN!

*Fun fact #2- we had to drive through a town called “Accident” to get there.


A big THANK YOU to Railey Mountain Lake Vacations and Jeremy Bittner for having me and my friends!

For more information on Grand View and Other Rentals at Deep Creek Check out


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