Plan B Vending Machines

You’re either going to LOVE or HATE what I’m about to say…but I have to say it.
There’s a college in Pennsylvania that is selling Plan B aka the morning after pill in a vending machine for $25. NOW IT’S NOT NEXT TO THE COKE MACHINE…it’s in the Health Center. (Ok, it may be next to a coke machine but you get my point. It’s in the health center not the quad or the gym…I’ll be honest though, I wouldn’t be mad if it WAS there.)
People are in an uproar because they think the emergency contraceptive is to easily accessible.
TOO EASILY ACCESSIBLE? It should be easily accessible!
The school did a survey amongst the students and found out that most felt “embarrassed” to pick up the pill from  a doctor or in a pharmacy. I’ll be completely honest, I’ve bought the Plan B pill before. I didn’t go to the doctor but to the lovely CVS (I also picked up a gossip magazine, smart water, and mascara on that trip) and I did feel a little judged. The funny part is I don’t think the girl really was judging me…I just felt uncomfortable picking it up (which is ironic because I have NO problem grabbing my BC pills every month…but it’s a different stigma attached to Plan B.) I walked in thinking, “Yep. I’m the girl that needs to pick up the no baby pill post relations. Just put them in the bag and let me leave.”
Maybe the condom broke, maybe you ran out of pills and your appointment with the gyno is next week and you weren’t able to reorder yet, maybe you got a little drunk and didn’t remember if you used a condom or not. WHATEVER the reason…it’s a hell of a lot more responsible to get the morning after pill than to play the “Fingers Crossed & Pray” game and hope that next month everything is good.
PLAN B VENDING MACHINES FOR EVERYONE! (and at the low price of $25??? I paid $50 for mine)
On a lighter  note…Look at this cute picture of Trace (my 3 legged cat)

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