RABBIT RABBIT! A Father/Daughter Tradition

“Rabbit Rabbit.” It’s one of my favorite Father/Daughter Traditions.

It’s the first thing I try to say on the first of the month…when I first wake up and when greeting others.

Of course there are times I totally forget what day it is and begin to speak to others without the “Rabbit Rabbit” introduction. In which case, if the person knows or even cares about the proper RABBIT RABBIT etiquette, I will say, “tibbar tibbar” then proceed with the conversation.

What is Rabbit Rabbit? It’s a way of wishing good luck to you and the person you greet with the pleasantry for the month. It is supposed to be the first thing you say. Which is why you have to say TIBBAR TIBBAR if you forget, to get back in good graces with the good luck rabbits.

I’m not sure how much of all of that is part of the official rules of how Rabbit Rabbit works (if there are any) or if it’s the DAD & Brooke RR evolution.

The reason I celebrate the first of the month started with my dad. I can’t even remember the first time he woke me up as a child on the first of the month with the phrase, it’s just something that’s always been done. When I got older and moved away the tradition continued.

I talk to my mom all the time…sometimes 2 times a day. My dad and I are a little different. I know I can call him anytime I need advice, a Dad’s perspective, or money (hahahaha) but as for the day to day, wasn’t really our thing. BUT I always knew I would get a call or text on the first of the month. It was our day. Our time to catch up or even just say “Rabbit Rabbit” and “I love you”.

As I get older…as my parents get older…traditions like this take on another level of importance.

The Rabbit Rabbit well wishes evolved over the years. It became a competition…who could wish the other RABBIT RABBIT first. Rules had to be set as I live on the East Coast and he lives on the West Coast. He’s not allowed to call at midnight my time (9pm his) I am not allowed to call before 8am (11am mine). Texting is allowed but not all the time (no solid rules on this one yet).

It’s our thing. Not a family thing…not a Dad and the kids thing…not a Mom, Dad, and Brooke thing. It’s OUR thing. And I love it.

This month I took scoring to the NEXT LEVEL! At the end of every year we aren’t really sure who “wins” so I went to AR Workshop in Mt Pleasant and asked Paige to come up with a board that we could keep an official tally.

He was thrilled when he got it in the mail in April…and I’ll have you know, in May, I WON! In June, he cheated by implementing new rules (that were never discussed) and texting at midnight.

It’s the little things in this life that we carry with us, that bring us so much joy, and connect us to each other.

To most “Rabbit Rabbit” is a silly good luck concept like saying “break a leg” before someone performs, to me it is a tradition that I honor with my Dad and will continue to treasure forever.

What non traditional traditions do you have with your family?



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