Rehab is the word of the year so far…here’s an update on the latest.


After a Porn Star-Cocaine-Booze filled couple of nights, Charlie Sheen decided to enter rehab after being hospitalized for what his people are calling a hernia. He also wrote a check to Kacey Jordan (the adult film star he was hanging out with that night) for $30,000…Charlie, I’d like to be invited to your next party if that’s the party favor you get when you leave.

Jason Davis from Celebrity Rehab just wrapped the reunion show with Dr. Drew saying he’s been sober for 90 days…NOT SO MUCH! He was arrested for possession of a controlled substance THE DAY AFTER FILMING. He hasn’t checked into rehab YET.

David Arquette spent a  month in rehab for alcohol and other issues, but now he’s ready to take on the world SOBER. I hope the other issues that were worked out, were his fashion sense.

Not exactly “REHAB” but Disney Star Demi Lovato checked out of an Illinois Facility for emotional and physical issues. She’s doing well and ready to get back into her routine. NOTE TO SELF: JUST SAY NO TO THE  JO BROS!

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