Single & Satisfied

I’m really good at being single. I always have been. I don’t “need” a man. I’m not going to be the girl that  hangs out in a relationship for a few years  just because I have to have someone around. I believe in true love. I think it will happen for me…Disney Princess style and I’m willing to wait for that. 

So how do I keep myself distracted, preoccupied, and fill the void of a BF? WELL…besides the obvious: surround myself  with the best of friends, attend happy hours, and enjoy the company of Mr. Right Now on occasion, I have 3 things that keep me from settling.

1. The Knight In Shining Armor- If you walk in my 450 square foot studio apartment you will find an 8 ft tall Knight standing in the corner next to my bed. It’s a constant reminder that I deserve a Knight in Shining Armor and until I find a real one, I’ve got this one for back up.

2. The Boyfriend Pillow- While I’m not a “cuddler”, I do enjoy the Arm Pillow-your arm under my neck while I watch an episode of one of the Housewives of *Insert Any Housewives here* (an episode I’ve probably made you sit through more than once). Little did I know they actually MAKE a real pillow in the shape of an arm! Why this is better than a real arm-  It’s more comfortable and it wont bitch when I watch the episode of Housewives I’ve seen 4 times. I definitely ordered this on Friday.

3. And last but definitely not least, The Barbie Box- When I was a child I had a Barbie Box full of toys. And as an adult I have a Barbie box full of toys…different kind of toys…but…you know what, I’ll just leave it at that.

Single and Satisfied!

Well let's see, Don't think I could live without Bacon, BritneySpears, Hair Extensions, Hallmark,& Ketchup. OH & wine. So I usually post about those things
  • I need an 8ft tall knight as well. Wondering where does one pick up such an item? :) 

  • Home Goods! For the low low price of $99.99 you too can have a Knight!

  • My sentiment on single life exactly! People end up in loveless marriages because they are so worried about being by themselves. My 6 years single were the best (and most productive and rewarding) of my life to that date – and that time and experience led me to The Mr. Right, at the right time :) 

  • I’m F’ing WL

    Really? You posted this? I just burst out laughing as soon as I got to the picture.

  • Will…I Love your Comment Name! Hilarious! And you are so right Lisa…I’m willing to wait for Mr. Right. I’m so glad you found yours =)

  • Ali

    Should we look for love, or it comes by chance or fate?
    How can we make sure it is love?