Skinny Miranda Lambert=Bad News For Brooke

Last night Miranda Lambert debuted her lighter look on the red carpet at the 47th Annual CMA’s. She looks AWESOME right?


You may be asking, “What does Miranda Lambert getting skinny have to do with YOU????”

Well my friends, let me tell you…

Miranda Lambert is one of my Dopplegangers…so is Kristen Bell.

When I’m skinny, I get Kristen Bell (and sometimes the occasional Britney Spears but I think people say that just to make me happy and get on my good side). When I am…thicker, I get Miranda Lambert. I know if I’ve gained weight by which celebrity I’m being compared to. I obviously hated it when I was being compared to Miranda, but found peace in the fact that I still thought she was pretty and she’s married to Blake Shelton.

BUT WHAT HAPPENS NOW??? Especially since RIGHT NOW I am on the more Miranda end of my doppleganger scale!

With Miranda being skinny…will I get “You look like Miranda Lambert before…”???

Why Miranda??? Why did you have to do this to me?????

Here are my options

1. Lose weight and eventually being called Miranda will be like being called Kristen. (Ughhhhhhhh)

2. Stay the same…pretend like it doesn’t affect me and keep eating bacon. (hmmmm liking this option)

3. Dye my hair brown so I definitely wont get the Miranda comparison (hahahahaha there’s no way that’s happening)

4. Take this approach (Thanks for posting this today Alysa!)

I think I’m going to start with #4 and eventually get to #1.


Well let's see, Don't think I could live without Bacon, BritneySpears, Hair Extensions, Hallmark,& Ketchup. OH & wine. So I usually post about those things
  • Jason Harrison

    I say go with number 2 because their are no problems in your life when you have a mouthful of bacon.

  • Morgan Jennifer Smith

    I did notice she looked a lot skinnier last night! Good for her! And you can do it, Brooke…don’t compare yourself to anyone though! If I can do it after two babies (and hopefully will do so again after this 3rd) – you got this! xoxo

  • Brooke Ryan

    Aint that the truth @disqus_JUKWyNMtl7:disqus!

  • Brooke Ryan

    Girl you are a superhero! (and work hard for it…that’s my problem…I don’t want to do the work hahahaha) @morganjennifersmith:disqus