SO MANY THOUGHTS on Jay-Z & Beyonce’s On The Run Tour

I knew it was going to be an incredible show…I didn’t realize it was going to make it in the Top 3 Shows I have ever seen.

Jay-Z & Beyonce…On The Run.

I’ll start with the obvious.


*She is one of the most BEAUTIFUL people I have ever seen. Her body, her face, her hair, her make up, her style…FLAWLESS! She even SWEATS PRETTY!

*Her voice is in the same category as Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. Sometimes you forget how big and intense and piercing yet angelic her voice is because of the songs she records…but give that girl a mic and let her start singing “Resentment” and the chills will take over your entire body.

*THE GIRL CAN DANCE! Whether she is krumping, doing the single lady hand wave, dancing like a stripper on a pole, or flinging her hair, the control she has over her body is sick! I bet she looks good doing the Hokey Pokey.


*His flow is perfection. He doesn’t skip a beat (unless he chooses to do a different variation of a song he has previously recorded…and that is intentional and sounds just as good if not better than the studio version we all know), get out of breath, or need a hype man or crew. He stands on stage alone…and that is all you need.

*He’s a BOSS. He doesn’t ask for your attention or tell you he wants it…his presence commands it and it’s mesmerizing. I didn’t want to look away and I felt like I owed him the utmost respect while he was on stage…and he deserved it.

*He is sexy. Not like the model in an Abercrombie & Fitch Store Wall Poster but in a much much bigger way. If you are out for drinks with your girlfriend and he texts…YOU WANT TO LEAVE THEM IMMEDIATELY because you want to get home to him.

Beyonce didn’t write “Partition” for nothing…I do this all for you baby

Now onto the show…On The Run.

Bonnie & Clyde…Jay-Z & Beyonce…are On The Run from the law, from the world, from the rumors, etc. It’s a 2 hour show full of throwbacks, new stuff, collaborations, individual performances, videos, pyro…it has EVERYTHING! There is not a dull moment in the 120 minutes they are on stage. Even the quick change videos are so entertaining that you don’t realize they aren’t on stage.

During the show, I flip flopped as to whose side I was on. Beyonce came out and sang “Resentment” and added a twist on the lyrics (to 12 years…the amount of time they’ve been together) to make it seem like it was personal and JayZ was cheating on her. YOU KNOW I WAS TEAM BEY AFTER THAT! Then he came out and started singing “Big Pimpin” sayin…

Me give my heart to a woman

Not for nothing, never happen,

I be forever macking.

And I was back on Hov’s side…girl he did tell you. Upfront. No reading between the lines there…then she would come out and start “Drunk In Love” and I was like….You better act right Jigga! This girl will have NO PROBLEMS without you…It was back and forth all night!


The last song of the show-“Forever Young”…it made everything make sense and also made me realize they are the smartest Couple in the Business!

The show opened with a video and at the bottom of the screen there was the caption

“This is NOT Real Life”

The show began.

There were fights, accusations of cheating, Illuminati references (I still think they are involved in that though)…they portrayed themselves as everything that people SAY they are throughout the show. That’s why the internet has been talking since the show started.

Ooooo Beyonce changed lyrics she’s calling him out…

Did you see the red lights they used and the cross and the triangles? Illuminati Shit!  

I wont lie…I was in it too. I was reading articles last week and bought into the hype.

Then Bey starts singing “Forever Young” and home videos of Blue Ivy, the two hanging out on a boat, Jay kissing Blue, laughing, love, life…and a few bad ass cars and yachts…and at the bottom the caption said,

“This IS Real Life”

I still get chills thinking about it. By far one of my favorite moments of any show I’ve been to BECAUSE I bought into all the drama beforehand…and then I realized it was all part of their plan to get people talking, buying tickets, and getting sucked into the SHOW.

Not that I’m saying there hasn’t been cheating or that this stuff hasn’t happened, I’m just saying…they are smart. They either accepted it and moved on and have decided to capitalize on it OR they said let’s play into what the people THINK THEY KNOW.

Either way…Genius.

Now when I hear Beyonce say “Bow Down”…I will…to both…with respect.

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