Spice Girls Update! (You’re Welcome)

I don’t want to say I was OBSESSED with the Spice Girls…BUT I did own all of their cds, I used to make up dances to their songs with my girlfriends on Friday Nights instead of going to parties in High School, I have the Baby Spice Barbie Doll, AND I may or may not have MADE my parents tell the construction crew/builder (when our new house was being built…I was 14) put an extra stud in the ceiling so I could have a swing in my room like Baby Spice did on her tour bus in the movie Spice World (which I own). NO SHAME IN MY GAME! Spice up your lives folks!

 With that being said, I’ve got a SPICE GIRLS UPDATE! I know we all know that Posh is now Victoria Beckham, only eats 600 calories a day (get it girl I wish I could get on your level), and is married to the hottest soccer player EVER! Which means she will NEVER get back together with the girls.

But what are some of the other ladies up to?

MEL B is returning to music! She’s going to release a new record in 2012. Scary Spice is Back!


Geri aka Ginger signed up for a reality show! The show is going to show her working on the upcoming Spice Girls Musical, Viva Forever and also follow her as she designs her own swimwear line.


You’re Welcome.

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