Spring Break 1999: Torn, Stabbings, and Mushrooms


There are certain songs in life that bring back memories. For me a Major Trigger Song is Natalie Imbruglia “Torn”. Cue the Dreamy Reminiscent music.

Spring Break: 1999

It was my Freshman year in High School and my first SPRING BREAK trip! I went with Amy and Amber (my bff’s) their older sister Holly, Mom, and Dad to Pismo Beach. We stayed at the same hotel a lot of Holly’s Junior and Senior friends were staying at. I believe it was called the Blue Seal Inn.

During our stay at the Blue Seal Inn, MTV (back when at least half of their programming WAS music) they played Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn” over and over and over.

There are 2 Notable Memories From The Trip:

1.THE STABBING- I really don’t even remember why it happened… I want to say it had something to do with a girl. BUT there was a party in the room 2 doors down with a bunch of people from our high school. (We happened to be in the room next door…it was a 3 room hopping party) One guy stabbed another (he was fine) and ran out of the room, down the street, and out of sight. All of our “friends” including my super smoking hot senior crush (oh how I loved him) ran out after the stabber (because he’s a hero…*sighhh). As you can imagine I was frightened. Fourteen years old, just witnessed my first stabbing, DJ (what we’ll call my crush) now in danger, so what do I yell? Not “Help” NOT “Call 911” BUT “Don’t hurt your pretty face DJ!”

2.MATH ON MUSHROOMS- Another first for me was witnessing someone doing drugs. One of the fellows in the same room we were hanging out in was discussing math equations…by math equations I mean he was trying to decide when the Shrooms he took were going to wear off. By the time he calculated the time he took them and amount he took he came to the conclusion that he could drive in 4 hours. He did all of this with a lamp shade on his head.

Here’s to Natalie, Spring Break, DJ, Mushrooms, and the Blue Seal Inn!


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