Staycation-Tides on Folly Beach

I live in a city that magazines like Conde Nast name the #1 City in America (4 years in a row), Travel + Leisure calls it the Best City in the U.S. and the second best in the world….I could go on and on but I think you get the point. Charleston is pretty amazing and I like to take full advantage of that. I attend as many festivals, galas, shows, restaurant openings, and events that I can.

Taste of Folly is one of the big events they do on the Edge of America-Folly Beach. My husband Jim and I decided to partake in the festivities but knowing good and well that we enjoy a cocktail or two…or three…we wanted to be smart about it. We could take the 35 min Uber ride each way OR we can make a Staycation out of it and get a room at the oceanfront Tides Hotel. *It was a no brainer*

Folly Beach Jim and Brooke

We packed an overnight bag and head to the beach. Being that there was a festival going on, streets were shut down, and there is only one way on and off Folly, it took us a little longer to get there due to traffic. But instead of Jim freaking out, getting frustrated, slamming on breaks, and huffing and puffing (like he normally would in situations that involve congested roads), we caught up on the latest episode of Serial and kept with the local mentality of “Relax! It’s Folly”.

Relax It's Folly


Center Street was packed with girls in booties and floppy hats, guys in North Face jackets, the smell of everything from lobster rolls to tacos, vendors with bubbles and battery operated scuba diver toys in a kiddie pool, even  a mechanical bull (which I later found out a girlfriend of mine broke a finger riding that thing #oopsiedoodle).

Hanging out with Buffie from Charleston Wine Pairings, her husband Jay, and 2 adorable kids Belle & Jude.
Hanging out with Buffie from Charleston Wine Pairings, her husband Jay, and 2 adorable kids Belle & Jude.

We spent the early part of the afternoon on good behavior with my friends with families. Now for those of you that are already making the “oooooooo look at you Brooke with the babies. Looks like someone is getting very comfortable with children” LOCK IT UP! Not even close to there yet. I am however at a certain age where a lot of my friends are in that place and I get to play Auntie Brooke. THE BEST ROLE EVER!

With my friend Melissa and her sweet baby girl Ila
With my friend Melissa and her sweet baby girl Ila

After the kids were tucked away the fun began…and by fun, I mean shots.

Rita's Folly

The day was full of sun, fun, & a little bit of inspiration. While we were sitting at the bar we met a guy, prior army (He noticed Jim’s military hair cut.) They started sharing bootcamp stories and talking about life in the military. I started to tune out and check my Tweets when our new friend talked about how hard it was to get a job after he got out, that a lot of businesses were scared to hire someone that had been to Afghanistan (afraid they may suffer from PTSD), but went on to say how he ended up getting a job at the hotel we were staying at and how wonderful everyone was.

He said something that stuck with me, “Folly takes care of you”.

I like that. I feel the same way about Charleston/The Lowcountry. It takes care of you.

Here are some other things I took away from the weekend.

* Jim is obsessed with the mahi fish tacos at Blu. He couldn’t stop raving about how delicious they are. I think it’s partly because I never let him eat seafood, since I dont and I like to take a bite of his food, and partly because it was amazing. The chicken sandwich was incredible too (I ate it without the bun since I am on a paleo diet….the focaccia looked delicious and I’m sure made it that much better).

* Rita’s is owned by The Hall’s. As in Hall’s Chophouse.  THAT MEANS THEIR FILET COMES FROM THE SAME BEEF DISTRIBUTOR. While nothing beats a Hall’s steak, it was delicious.

Rita's Folly

* There is an Irish Pub called St James Gate. They have “Slainte” written on the road as you enter. This is probably my favorite thing to have someone say during a toast because the first time I heard it was from my friend Will Lambert and I swore he said “Sriracha”…which I will always cheers to.

st james folly

* There is nothing like waking up to the sound of the ocean.

View of the room and from the room at Tides Hotel on Folly Beach
View of the room and from the room at Tides Hotel on Folly Beach

Folly definitely took care of us that weekend. When you’re thinking about your next vacation, consider a STAYCATION! Enjoy some fish tacos, toast to Sriracha, and remember the golden rule “Relax! Slow down. It’s Folly.”



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