A Trip To Bakersfield=Stress Free Bride

The majority of my Wedding stress is gone!

We spent the weekend in Bakersfield (my hometown and where Jim & I will be getting married) and accomplished so much!

While we were there we…

*Decided on a Caterer- NV Catering

Wedding Caterer

*Decided on our Photographer- Left Coast Design

* Brought my Dress to Aunt Mary Rita. I can’t even express how excited I am about what she is doing to my dress. She totally understands my vision and added so much more than I would have thought of. I wish I could post pictures of the dress and the vision now…but that will have to wait until after the wedding. No joke. If you are looking for a Dream Wedding Designer, Mary Rita is your woman!

Dress with MR

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*Met with Brittany at Hair Gallery and picked out my hairstyle…AND MY HAIR IS FINALLY BACK TO THE BLONDE IT SHOULD BE! Thank you Brittany!

Hair Under Dryer

*Found Grandma’s Flower Girl Dress

*Met with my piano player when I walk down the aisle, the one the only…my best friend since I was 3 years old…Scott Dirkse!

*Got Out my mom’s Silk Flowers that I will be carrying down the aisle AND picked out orange flowers to send to my Aunt Debbie. She made my mom’s bouquet and is adding orange to hers so I can carry them down the aisle. She will also be making the Boutonnieres and the Flower Arrangement for the arch we are getting married under. She is so awesome.


*Picked out some big ass flowers for my Bridesmaids to walk down the aisle with!

Bridesmaids Flowers

* And Jim was so proud when he found the flowers for the Boutonnieres and table decorations

Orange White Flowers

*Practiced cutting into our wedding cake on the mini cake our fabulous cake creator, Alyssa, made for us.


And last but definitely not least…Recorded a Podcast!

Well let's see, Don't think I could live without Bacon, BritneySpears, Hair Extensions, Hallmark,& Ketchup. OH & wine. So I usually post about those things