Thank You Note-To Send or Not To Send…

It’s no secret that I am one of Hallmark, Papyrus, & Paper Source’s biggest fans. I think cards are the perfect way to express gratitude, remorse, thanks, etc. Sure you can send a text, yes you can say it in person, BUT when you get a card in the mail or one delivered in person, you know the person means it.

99% of the time the answer is YES! Send the card….this could be the exception…

Last night the BF and I headed down to Georgetown for Happy Hour at The Ritz (ps that is where I am recording my Happy Hour Podcast next Thursday at 7:30pm. Stop by and have a cocktail. And to hear past Happy Hour Podcast’s click here ). After a glass of wine and a Jack on the rocks, we decided to change locations and grab a bite to eat. The cab driver wanted to know the exact address of Paolo’s so Jim got out his phone and looked up the address. We got the address, made our way to the restaurant, paid the cab driver and were good to go! Dinner was amazing! Even though we’ve been dating for a few months, this was our first REAL sit down dinner date (my fault not his…I prefer to sit at the bar most of the time. Shocker…I know). As we were finishing up dinner Jim reached for his phone and it wasn’t in his jacket pocket. DUN DUN DUN! It was gone. He left it in the cab. We called it…no one answered. We tried again…”Is this Brooke?” HOORAY! Someone has the phone! It was a lovely woman named Patty that was in DC visiting her daughter and she heard the phone ringing in the back of the cab. She said she would hold onto the phone and for us to call when we were on our way to pick it up. Conveniently, her daughter lived less than a mile away from me! Long story shorter…we got the phone, thanked her, and went home.

I suggested that we send a Thank You card to Patty for holding onto the phone and returning it! There are so many people that would have taken it (it was an iPhone), ignored the call, etc. Patty didn’t. She was awesome! He was all about it but when I talked to a friend of mine she said I was crazy. That it would be weird to send a Thank you card…to her daughter’s place (that’s the address I have because it’s where we picked up the phone), addressed to Patty ______ (don’t know her last name)…

I think it’s a nice gesture. She thinks it’s weird.  Thoughts?

Well let's see, Don't think I could live without Bacon, BritneySpears, Hair Extensions, Hallmark,& Ketchup. OH & wine. So I usually post about those things
  • send the card

  • Ken

    Absolutely you should do it!

  • Al-icious

    Yes, send it for sure!