The Bathroom Looks Like Dexter’s Kill Room

Hypothetically…(just in case my landlord is reading) Let’s say there was a person that was getting ready in the bathroom. While this girl, let’s call her Rooke Bryan, was getting ready she decided to light a lovely candle that her very good friends “The Ron’s” gave to her for Christmas. The room smelled of cranberries and hairspray! It was quite delightful. The candle wax melted and as Rooke was getting ready to grab the hairspray for the very last time…SMACK! She knocks the candle onto the floor and the wax splatters EVERYWHERE! oopsies! There wasn’t time to clean it up as she had an event to attend to. So she bid the cranberry wax Adieu and off she went.


Upon her return she realized…this is going to be pretty hard to get off! WAIT! I’ll scrape it off with a razor blade! BRILLIANT! It worked on the walls and doors but the color of the wax stained them. As for the linoleum…not so much. The grooves in it made it difficult to scrape with a razor. A week and a half of the bathroom looking like Dexter’s Kill Room and Rooke had enough. SHE WAS GOING TO FIND A SOLUTION! She tried a Magic Eraser on the stained walls but I guess Mr. Clean’s magic doesn’t work on candle wax. So the alternative was repaint the walls and door. DONE! Now to the floor. Rooke noticed that her nails worked but they weren’t strong enough to handle the job at hand…IT HIT HER! A SPOON! 35 minutes of scraping with a spoon, spraying oxy clean all over the floors and letting it sit, then using the steam mop on top of it and the bathroom looks good as new!

I proba…I mean Rooke probably would have saved a few days if she just googled the “how to get candlewax off linoleum” but none the less, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

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