The Power of the Pose

I hate taking pictures by myself.

I know you’re shaking your head and thinking “LIAR”, but it’s true. Look at any picture that isn’t a selfie (and most selfies). I have to have something in my hand…a glass of wine, a cell phone, a glass of wine…I just don’t know what to do with my hands. Even when I’m with people in a picture I want something in my hands. I guess it’s my photo security blanket.

It’s one of the reason I have been so nervous about getting headshots done.

The other reason is I never felt like I was at my best (not skinny enough or pretty enough) to have Professional Pictures.

That last sentence is not me begging you to tell me I’m pretty. It’s how I felt. I would always say, “When I lose 5 more lbs…” or “I need to get my roots done…” It’s been 2 years of excuses.

Whenever I have to send over a picture for work it was always the picture I took at Triangle during my Podcast or the dandelion photo. SO UNPROFESSIONAL.

Best Of

Jenn Cady (aka the PHOTO FAIRY GODMOTHER…it’s like she just clicks her magic camera and your best photo pops out) has been the photographer for multiple photo shoots I have been a part of with Mount Pleasant Magazine and she also worked with Skirt Magazine  Women At Work feature. I have a bunch of friends that had their headshots done with Jenn and they look beautiful.

A little over a week ago, I finally decided to suck it up and get my picture taken. If there was anyone I was going to work with, it was Jenn Cady. We met at her studio on a Saturday afternoon and after 20 minutes it was over. These are the results.

So what makes Jenn the best?

  • I’m not a model. As I said earlier, taking a photo by myself is very intimidating to me. She is the person that will talk you through it. She makes you feel beautiful even when you are second guessing every click of the camera you hear.
  • It’s quick! But not quick like School Picture Day where they are trying to get you through the line so they can get on to the next. It’s amazing the shots you can get in 20 minutes when the photographer is focused on YOU. She makes sure the lighting is right FOR YOU, the angle is the right angle FOR YOU, etc.
  • Last but not least…THE POWER OF THE POSE. “Neck out, shoulders back, lean forward, neck out further, chin down, look up, shoulders back, reset your smile we want it to look natural.” CLICK CLICK CLICK. “Lean forward a little more, chin down…it should hurt…perfect”. CLICK CLICK CLICK.

When you are taking a picture, you have an angle, a side, a smile…a pose. One that you think makes you look best. Well my friends, we are doing it all wrong (maybe not all of you, but I definitely see where I have been doing it wrong.)


This is my I don’t know what to do with my hands or my face and I’m nervous. Oh God why did I decide to do this photo shoot????!!!!???? picture.

Photo shoot

This is my Ok Brooke…Just smile. You can do this. You are pretty and smart and people like you. Oh wait my hands. What do I do with my hands? picture


This is my Get it together Brooke. Put on your normal Facebook pose. This isn’t Vogue picture.



The photos above were NOT posed by Jenn Cady. They were my attempt to take creative control of my modeling ability (which obviously has now been revoked).

After some Posing Coaching by Jenn…a little turn here, a chin down there, and a reset of the smile, and VIOLA!

photo shoot

I’m not sure I’ll ever be comfortable taking pictures by myself, but at least I have the tools now to do do it and take my best picture!


If you need headshots, schedule your appointment with Jenn Cady. Follow her on Social Media and her website to learn more about upcoming Posing Classes!

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