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This weekend is going to be “Legen…wait for it…DARY” |
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This weekend is going to be “Legen…wait for it…DARY”

I’ve been in desperate need of a Ke$ha like night out and convinced my friends, (who both recently moved to DC from Charleston) Allison and Brian, to jump on board! As you can tell by the emails back and forth over the past few days, I’m either too excited for this weekend OR I should become an “NIGHT OUT” Planner. You Decide…

*Sidenote- because I literally copied and pasted from emails to my friends, I didn’t spell check , use correct punctuation, or re read before I sent. Every English teacher I’ve ever had is weeping right now.
Brooke Ryan
Jan 17 (2 days ago)
to Allison, Brian
I just wanted to let you guys know…I’m working on it.
I will have a full blown PLAN by close of business tomorrow (YEP IM TAKING THIS SERIOUS…then again I’m not really sure when my business technically closes because Id ont have an official event planning business but that’s neither here nor there!)

Jan 17 (2 days ago)
to me, Brian
Funny, I was going to text you today and ask you where we were drinking this weekend. But felt a little premature. Hahah
I’m in.  I’m free. I’m “working” from home on Friday so good to go!!

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Jan 17 (2 days ago)
to Allison, me
I can’t wait.
Let’s show DC how to have fun.

Brooke Ryan
Jan 18 (1 day ago)
to Brian, Allison

The Super Fun Weekend Agenda
Here are some general ideas…I’m open to suggestions/voting on which we like best. I know we were originally felt like Sat night was the answer…but Check continue to scroll down and see the other options I found too…we can always do the earlier ones and then SEE if we are up for the Sat Night Shenanigans.
630- And So It Begins…
Meet at my house so we can all catch a cab at the same location. Pre Party Cocktails and apps. 
730/8ish- Game On Bitches
Rocket Bar (7th Street) http://rocketbardc.com/rates.html
They’ve got shuffleboard, darts, board games, etc.
Lucky Strike (7th Street) http://www.bowlluckystrike.com/bowl/
Bowling, Beer, and (like Rocket Bar) located in the heart of Gallery Place
1030ish- Ridin Dirrty
This is the Cab Ride to our next location 
11ish- Dancin Till The World Ends! (had to get a Britney reference in there somewhere)
District (Adams Morgan) http://www.districtadamsmorgan.com/
Just look at the website…yep this could be a good one! I feel like this is the place we can do shots, make out with random strangers (we will never see again) on the dance floor, and As Lil Jon and the East Side Boys said, “Get Low”.
I looked up a few others but didn’t really love any of them.  
Super Saturday…Daytime Edition
1K Beer Walk
January 21, 2012 at 2:00 pm- 1:00 am
Location:  Crystal City Shops
Admission:  $35-$40

Jan 18 (1 day ago)
to me, Brian
This all sounds amazing.  I’m up for whatever.  If I HAVE to vote, I vote for the 1k beer walk.  That sounds like it could be pretty fun and different.  I’ve driven thru Crystal City a few times, and the bars look fun. 

Jan 18 (22 hours ago)
to me, Allison
Haha that agenda is hilarious. Gotta say I’m partial to the liquor/partying timeline.

Walking down the street and drinking beer sounds more like a random Tuesday (I may be an alcoholic).

Brooke Ryan
Jan 19 (5 minutes ago)
to Brian, Allison

Im liking the Sat night plans too!
Al…looks  like we’re heading to Forever 21 to buy a slutty (i swear im) 21 outfit! I’m thinking it should be something that makes us look cold…but as we all know…ITS NEVER WINTER IN HOOCHIE-VILLE!
Brian…get your best one liners ready and come up with a really good name of a shot, make up the ingredients, and then proceed to tell everyone its the best shot ever that you had one the last time you were in Charleston(or wherever) and make them believe its a real one. The conversation would go like this
Random scantily clad 21yr old at the bar- Hey your cute.
Brian- Hey Im Brian you are too.
RSC21YOAB(thats her new abbreviation)-Let’s do a shot?
Brian-youre going home with me tonight
RSC21YOAB-WHAT? (like shes shocked but she know she is going)
Brian- NO (insert fake laugh here) thats the name of the shot “Youre going home with me tonight”
RSC21YOAB-Oh your so funny (insert annoying drunk girl laugh here) whats in it?
Brian proceeds to give her the description, they take the shot, and the next morning she wakes up in your bed, and you both have a great story to tell. BUT YOURS IS BETTER BECAUSE SHE THINKS ITS A REAL SHOT! BUT WE KNOW =)
After writing that scenereo I realized, I have entirely too much time and my creativity is being wasted on this night. That is all.

See you saturday at 630…bring whoever.


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