Time for a New Adventure

If you we’re listening to the Jack Diamond Morning Show today, you might have noticed a raspy voice missing. That’s because I was sleeping…I slept until 9am! Not because I didn’t hear my alarm, not because I have a vacation day, but because I am taking on a new chapter of my radio career…

Starting this afternoon, I will be joining Marco in the afternoon from 3-7 on Mix 107.3. I’m staying within my cumulus/Mix 1073 family just transitioning into a new time slot. I am so excited to be working with someone I consider one of the most talented people in radio; on the air and off the air on the programming side. HE IS PRETTY FABULOUS! I am truly jazzed about the future.

With that being said, while this transition comes with “The world is my oyster”/I want to spin around in a field of flowers and sing “The Hills are Alive With The Sound of Mix 1073” mentality, it also comes with A TON OF OTHER EMOTIONS (sorry to Kass and Mandy to had to endure my BALL OF EMOTIONS BAT SHIT CRAZINESS THIS WEEKEND!)

I need to Thank Jack Diamond First and Foremost. He gave me an opportunity that I will forever be grateful for. I was a girl in Charleston, SC on a morning radio show (Love you Tanya and Mike) that wanted to be in the big city! He found me, believed in me, and moved me to a major market to join a show that has been around for over 20 years. He gave me my golden ticket. I will always thank him for that opportunity. (Thank you if you are reading this Jack)

A big thank you to Aly! Coffee chats were the thing that made me excited to wake up at a time when I didn’t want to get out of bed. The gym after work, while I still rarely go, was only fun when she was around. She was the peanut butter to my jelly on that team and That will be missed.

Spanky and Suzanne…it’s only been a short time that we have all been together on the Jack Diamond Morning Show but we’ve all become part of a pretty great family! Thank you for all the help!

It’s kind of a full circle moment in my career…after 3pm…I will officially have done every possible shift on a radio station! HA! I love this business, I love the excitement. I love the challenges. I love the NEW possibilities that it provides at any given time! I love a good adventure…and this is definitely the start of a new one! I hope you will join me! You can start listening at 3 on your radio at 107.3 or on line at www.mix1073fm.com

*AND SIDENOTE- If you ever want to grab coffee at 9…or dinner at 730…or have an event late night…or want to go grab pedicures at 11am during the week, I CAN DO IT!!!!!! This is the first time I will live like a “normal” person in 10 years, and I am excited!


Well let's see, Don't think I could live without Bacon, BritneySpears, Hair Extensions, Hallmark,& Ketchup. OH & wine. So I usually post about those things
  • Congrats Brooke! What great news!

  • Nate Lopes

    NORMAL LIFE?!!!! this is going to be weird…

  • Thank you @facebook-696007490:disqus! AND @google-1859d3ae3b6903817dbb3d83707e3917:disqus you know my life will never be “Normal” just the hours =) I miss you!

  • beth

    will miss you n the mornings

  • Thanks @disqus_VqFas6cf8r:disqus! But now you can listen in the afternoons =)

  • Bubba Bubba

    I know the business is crazy… Is this a voluntary move? It sounds like you are deserting Jack. So sad… Betrayal?

  • The Bert Show stinks! It’s mindless drivel targeted at a bunch of frat boys and trashy sorority sisters. I wish you guys hadn’t been moved out of the morning slot. Wish you all the best in the afternoon with Marco.

  • Brooke Ryan

    Thank you @twitter-405228462:disqus! I am enjoying the afternoon shift very much! As for betrayal @568a7e2e6f083614153b363e989113c2:disqus people move on to new positions. How is that considered betrayal? Jack did fine before I moved to Washington and I know he will continue to do well without me. I wish him nothing but the best!