To Grandmother (and Grandfather)’s House I Go…

 I’m not afraid of getting old. I’m in no way trying to rush it BUT I am looking forward to being well over 65. I think it started the first time I read the poem “When I Am An Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple”. From that moment I knew the happiest moments of my life will be after I receive my AARP card.

My desire to be old grew even more after spending a Sunday afternoon with my Grandparents in California. For the record, my Grandma and Grandpa still have it. They are hip. When I found out they were moving into a retirement community, I was a little shocked…they are totally capable of taking care of themselves…then I took a trip to their new place. HOLY HEAVEN!

It’s a cruise ship! Not literally, but when you are inside, you get that feeling. There is a huge dining room with tables all around once you walk in. Not to mention a private dining area that you can rent out when guests come over for lunch or dinner. 3 meals a day (WITH SERVERS! AND I LOVE BEING SERVED) There is a Card Shop next to the mail boxes, a game room (with a Wii), activities planned every day and night, & even a SALON! A SALON!!!!!!!! It’s a one stop shop and it’s amazing! I’ve lived in condos that have people my age and monthly ice cream socials/get to know the neighbor parties (that nobody went to) THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER! I tried to get an application while I was there but I’m not allowed to move in until I’m 55.

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