Today is NOT Earth Day

One year ago today, while I was on the 2 Girls and a Guy Morning Show in Charleston, SC, Mike The Guy made me look like the biggest fool!

We were about to go into a talk break when he looked at  me and said, “Brooke! It’s Earth Day. Put together some tips on how  people can celebrate.” I scrambled to find Earth Day Tips and thanks to the power of GOOGLE came up with 5 quick fun facts.


Me, Mike Edwards, & Tanya Brown (2 Girls & A Guy)

Me: Today is Earth Day and we all should do our part to save our planet.

Mike & Tanya Brown: Yea Yea we should. What are some tips?

Me: Well you can carpool to work today or ride a bike, plant a tree, set up a recycling system at home or work if you don’t have one, Use Reusable Bags when you go to the grocery store, & buy a reusable water bottle if you don’t have one already.

Mike & Tanya: Good Tips Brooke.

Me: Happy Earth Day.


Phone Rings….Tanya answers: 2 Girls and a Guy….wait are you sure?…hold on let me look it up…bahhahahahahahaha…yep you’re right. Earth Day is the 22nd!!! Thank you for your call.

Lesson Learned: NEVER listen to Mike! Google First.

He almost got me again this year when he posted “Tomorrow is Earth Day” on my Facebook Page yesterday. I was about to post Happy Earth Day on my FB Page but right before I hit enter, I went to GOOGLE. Sure enough…he did it to me again! I will put it in my calendar as a FOREVER REMINDER that Earth Day is April 22nd.

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