Today is One of the FEW Days I liked My Scale.

The Universe is trying to tell me one of 2 things…

  1. You need to buy a new scale. The one you’ve had for the past 12 years is done.
  2. Girl you got it going on! QUIT getting on that scale.

This morning as I was getting ready for work I decided to do the thing we all do (well anyone that with weight does), I got on the scale. I have been pretty consistent with my Astronaut Training. I’ve added in swimming laps. The last time I got on the scale I was down 6-7 lbs. PLUS I ate dinner early the night before, just woke up, didn’t drink anything, was naked and just peed. I was ready to weigh.

I got on the scale, eyes still blurry, and noticed it wasn’t working. I figured it was in a weird position and I needed to set it on the tile properly to work (this scale is ancient so we’ve had this problem before). I repositioned and stepped back on…still making letters. As I rubbed my eyes, then squinted a little to see better, I noticed what it said, “bAee”at least that’s what it looked like to me!

I stepped on the scale and it called me BAE! I moved it to a new place in the bathroom and sure enough, it said the same thing!

I strutted around like I was Beyonce.

If I would have seen the number on the scale, even if it was 1 lb less than before, I would have been proud but still judgemental…disappointed…definitely NOT BEYONCE!

I would love to say I’m going to throw away the scale and just continue feelin myself, but I’m not there yet. I hope to be free of the scale, weight, size, etc ONE DAY but one step at a time.

*DONT BE A HATER. After looking at the picture over and over, I realize it may say “batt” as in Hey Brooke! Time for a new battery, but I will forever look at it as the time my scale called me BAE and it felt good.

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