Too Soon? YEP! But It’s Happening

I just found out about a Nancy Grace/Casey Anthony Drinking Game. Too soon? Probably…but if Jose Baez and his team are already popping champagne I guess we’re allowed to too. I didn’t make it up…I’m just passing it along.

The Rules:

Pour yourself a little wine and drink everytime she says”tot mom” “devil” or “reasonable doubt”.

If they show a pic of the tattoo you have to chug an entire beer and crush the can with your bare hands.

“Zanny Nanny saved your Fanny!” = Drink x3 (OR, you can pop a Xanax)

Extra Rules (Added by me)-

*Take a drink anytime she mentions her kids OR  pauses for more than 3 seconds (not for others to speak but for dramatic effect).

*Take a drink in honor of her helmet hair….it’s one of my favorite things about Nancy.


Well let's see, Don't think I could live without Bacon, BritneySpears, Hair Extensions, Hallmark,& Ketchup. OH & wine. So I usually post about those things
  • Smash the beer can with your bare hands?!?!…CHILDS PLAY! Smash the can on your forehead… we’re talkin’! MAN’S GAME!