My New Healthy Obsession!

Meet my new obsession! This is the Under Armour Illusion 24 Ounce Squeezable Bottle with Quick Shot Lid…don’t sleep on that description…Click on the Vine Picture to watch the video and you will know it is a quick shot!

I realize most people get this for an intense work out…you’re running…thirsty…don’t want to stop to unscrew the top of your bottle or take the lid off…all you have to do is squirt the bottle in your mouth and YOU’RE WELCOME! Water in your mouth. But because of the technology when you hold it upside down it doesn’t come out! I didn’t get it for that reason…no sir. I got it because…I go to sleep with a water bottle.  Sometimes I’ll wake up in the middle of the night…thirsty (just like the runner) and don’t want to worry about unscrewing a lit…I’M STILL HALF ASLEEP! So I fumble around my bed looking for the bottle (without opening my eyes of course), grab the bottle, squirt and YOU’RE WELCOME! My thirst is quenched…and I don’t have to worry about taking the time to screw the lid back on…I just throw it back in my bed and go back to sleep!


 Looks like I’ll be drinking a lot more water! So even though it was a lazy purchase, it was a healthy purchase! H2O FOR EVERYONE!

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