We’ll Always Have Paris…

A few days ago I found out an old…pal…got engaged. Thanks Facebook.

He was my fairytale.

It didn’t make sense. We’ve only actually seen each other MAYBE 5 times. It “wasn’t ever going to work”. We never lived in the same city.  It wasn’t “real life”. It wasn’t real life.

It was also one of the most magical *dating* experiences of my life.

I had mixed emotions when I saw the “engaged” status. I didn’t want to send him a message (text or Facebook) but I had things I needed to say…SOOOOOOOO I figured why not do it here. A big part of me hopes he sees it. Passive Aggressive? Absolutely.



I saw that you got engaged and I just wanted to say Congratulations and I really am so happy for you. She’s a very lucky girl…a very very lucky girl. Obviously, I don’t expect an invite to the wedding. Probably better that way with the whole “Speak now or forever hold your peace” part *Don’t think I could remain silent! Just kidding…kind of…*

Know that you will forever be one of my favorite stories to tell.

We’ll always have Paris



*Didn’t expect this…but I teared up a little while I was writing this.




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  • Melissa

    You said it best yourself…”the best is yet to come”…you are beautiful and talented and you will find the “one” who is meant for you and only you one day!!! I’m positive about that! 🙂