What Not To Wear…To The Weight Doc

Yesterday morning I had an appointment at Persona Doctors.  It’s no secret that I ALWAYS struggle with my weight (and by struggle I mean I struggle with putting down the cheeseburger and wine and going to the gym) but now that I am getting married, I need to get my Bridal Butt in shape.


As I was getting ready for the appointment, I threw on one of my favorite sweaters. It wasn’t until I was about to walk out the door that I realized wearing a CUPCAKE sweater to an appointment with a Doctor that is going to help me lose weight might not send the right message. The funniest part of it all is I don’t even like cupcakes (or sweets for that matter) the cupcake has a deeper meaning.

Cupcake Sweater

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I changed quickly and went to my appointment. While I was there, I weighed in, did a Metobolic Test (the pic below), and since I didn’t fast 4 hours before I have to go back tomorrow morning to have my blood taken.

I found out during my Metobolic Test that my Total Energy Output is 2344 Cals and that if I want to lose weight I need to be between 1336-1670 Calories.

So crazy that blowing into a tube for 10 min can tell you that!

Metobolic Test

I’ll be posting about my results and my own personal Bridal Bootcamp so feel free to follow along. My goal is to lose 20lbs. Also check out Persona Doctors for yourself.


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