You Can’t Hate Someone Unless You Loved Them First

Edwards, Arnold, and Weiner have been the topic of conversation for EVERYONE the past few weeks. Who’s the sleaziest? Who’s the most despicable? Etc.

I DESPISE John Edwards…and not for the reasons most do. What he did to his wife was horrible. Denying his child and saying it belonged to someone else…Disgusting! However, I couldn’t figure out why it was affecting me so much. I was enraged by his behavior. Every time I heard his name my blood boiled! I couldn’t stop thinking about him and was so mad at him. WHY? Sure what he did was awful, but he didn’t do it to me. He didn’t do it to my family member. Why was I letting this man consume MY  life.

Then it hit me…I’ve always said you can’t hate someone unless you loved them (respected them/put your faith in them) first. If you didn’t care about someone, when they do something to wrong you, you get mad but move on…write them out of your life.

Was I “in love” with John Edwards? No way. But I was invested with him. He was the first politician I really paid attention to. He was so charming, so nice, so genuine SO IT SEEMED! I liked him. I liked following him. I wanted to vote for him. HE MADE ME WANT TO VOTE! I was passionate about him (and not because he was good looking. I didn’t even look at him like that)…when I found out about the affair, the child, what kind of person he is (claiming he cheated while wife was in remission…JERK), I know I wasn’t the one married to him but I felt betrayed. UGHHH HE’S SUCH A DOUCHE! Now I’m all fired up again. He’ll get what’s coming to him…and I hope it’s jail time.

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