You Didn’t Buy Dinner It Was A Gift Card…

Last night my boyfriend and I decided to save some money and use one of the many gift cards I have. We opted for Ledo’s Pizza (and it was delicious)! Dinner came to about $23 (my card was $25 so it all worked out). On the way home we decided to pick up a bottle of wine. We aren’t normally the couple that goes “dutch” or worries about who is paying for what, but this pay period, we are both a little strapped (trying to save money, we’re going out of town this weekend, etc.). I said, “Let’s get a cheap bottle, and since I bought dinner you get to buy the wine.” He looked at me and said, “You didn’t buy dinner, you used a gift card.”

*Sidenote- I ended up buying the wine because it was under $10 and at this mom & pop shop anything under $10 you have to use cash and I was the only one with cash on me…but I digress…


I’ve had this happen before. I’ve gone out to dinner with girlfriends, had a gift card, they’ve suggested we use the gift card and then split the rest…or I can take the appetizer not split it because I have the gift card. WAIT WHAT?!? That’s my form of payment. Just because it’s only accepted at that establishment doesn’t make it any less valuable than your dollar… especially AT THAT ESTABLISHMENT!

I’ve decided that from now on, I’m getting separate checks or putting a Visa sticker on the bottom of the gift card to make it look like an actual credit card and just claim I really like Ledo’s or whatever gift card I have…so much so that I had the design put on my actual credit card OR better yet, just use the gift cards alone.

My rant is now done.

OH and in case you are wondering how the night ended, we ate the pizza, drank the wine, and dressed up like King & Queen.

Just another Wednesday.

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